Detached house in Corbera

Detached house in Corbera


A couple with teenage children contact us to reform their home in which they have lived for some years. A priori, they just want a facelift and that we help them with the furniture and home textiles in order to modernize it.

Our proposal after listening to your briefing and visiting the house went a little beyond what they intended at first. But seeing how much it improved, they were delighted to throw it forward.

As architects and interior designers, we love being able to imagine beyond what we can see and surprise our clients with proposals that open up unthinkable possibilities for them. In our study, we are proud to boast a great capacity to develop distributive proposals that improve the lives of our clients, based on the strong technical profile of our team.

Our redistribution proposal was characterized by two fundamental actions:

  • Separate the area by day and night
  • Reorganize the social area of the house through a central box.

First, we suggested that it made more sense to have all the rooms on the top floor and leave the ground floor as a social floor, of daily interaction in different open but differentiated spaces. So we decided to go up to the first floor a room and go down a small existing studio to the lower floor. The exchange was a rationalization of the uses of space and consequently of its distribution and furniture.

On the upper floor, the room has a window to the outside and an opening to the dining room that gives it a wide range. At the same time, it serves as a bench to sit on and collaborates in the entrance of natural light, taking advantage of the contribution of the social area.

Secondly, on the lower floor, we have redistributed the space by including a central box that provides storage, zoning and houses different sliding doors in case we want to enjoy the same open space or we decide to partially or totally parcel some area according to its uses In this sense, the old room has been included in the area that now functions as a game and study room, with the possibility of isolating yourself from the rest if they are eating or watching a movie.

The materials, textures, and colors, as well as the furniture, have been chosen to highlight an organic and vivid appearance. It has been wanted to generate a cozy environment, although with a certain industrial air through the use of black metal sheets and natural wood in dark tones. The green takes center stage in perfect combination with the black sheet and the wood in the large vertical wall that joins the two levels of the house.

Overall, our performance has met its initial expectations consisting of modernizing your home both aesthetically and functionally, but it has also substantially improved the distribution of spaces and the entry of light in the different rooms, making the ground floor open and versatile space.

Photos by Sara Riera.

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