Cover a wall with natural stone

Nowadays, natural stone is a decorative element widely used in architecture and decoration, since it creates original and warm spaces. It is a material that has numerous benefits.
In Coblonal Interior Design we have used wall cladding with natural stone in many of the different architecture and interior design projects in which we have worked.
We show you, next, how your home can benefit from a wall covering with natural stone.

decoration rustic room

Interior design project and integral reform Baix Empordà rustic house

Advantages of wall cladding with natural stone

Wall coverings with natural stone are more stable and safe. The use of stone panels on the walls provides greater stability and can be installed more easily. In addition, some stone coatings have a fiberglass mesh to reinforce the material that, in addition to ensuring perfect adhesion, have greater strength than in the case of other stone coatings without this cement reinforcement.
The wall coverings with natural stone ennoble the environment. In interior walls, natural stone provides a great aesthetic finish. Its lines and finishes give a select and special touch to indoor environments where they are installed.
Wall coverings with natural stone print personality. Due to the fact that there are no two equal stones, the walls covered with natural stone have a unique character, as they give any room a unique and exclusive character. And it is that the natural stone, like the trees of the forest, do not have two equal.

living room interior with stone fireplace Andorra

Interior design and decoration project in Andorra

Uses and applications of natural stone as wall cladding

The natural stone finishes give a feeling of durability and solidity. They are suitable for areas of intense use, such as corridors. They are also very suitable in humid areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc. In addition, they are ideal for decorating contemporary living rooms.
Natural stone can also be used to create focal points in a room. It is ideal for decorating decorative elements, such as chimneys, that provide an interesting point of originality to the interiors.
The coating of walls with natural footing is very widespread in rural houses.
The types of natural stone used in interiors are granite (suitable especially in small spaces, because otherwise it could be overwhelming), marble (a material of exceptional aesthetic beauty and is a symbol of luxury and opulence), slate (it is a very resistant and waterproof stone), limestone (a hard, non-porous and elegant and modern material) and sandstone (a material even harder and more resistant than limestone).
The most usual in our projects, in any case, goes through the use of the original materials of the building. At present, the exposed brick walls where the stone used for construction preserves a natural beauty are a good to be rescued under plaster and layers of plaster. Properly treated, they give the whole an exceptional character.


Rehabilitation and interior design project for home in the Baix Empordà

Maintenance of natural stone coverings

The sealing of the natural stone lifts a barrier against dirt and lengthens the quality of the finish. It must be done, mainly, in limestone and sandstone, since its porous character makes it susceptible to accumulate and release more dust than other types of natural stone.
Stone walls require frequent cleaning with a damp cloth to remove accumulating dust. Those stones with a rougher surface need more intensive maintenance.
Avoid contact of natural stone with some acids included in the wine, lemon juice, cola or vinegar. Also refrain from applying oils and polishing wax. In the event of the circumstance that any of these elements come in contact with the natural stone, it is necessary to remove the stains quickly.

decoration furniture garden hotel Can Casi 2

Interior design project and Hotel decoration Baix Empordà

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