Combining colors and materials: tiles and wallpapers

Unintentionally, we often start from certain premises that constrain our creativity when combining materials, be they clothing, food or those that today concern us: coatings.

In this way, there are certain combinations that are not only contemplated at the start, when perhaps they can be precisely those that achieve the effect you are looking for.

Tles and wallpapers

In this post we will try a not very usual combination, but for which we bet decidedly. It’s about combining tiles and wallpaper.

The use of tiles in indoor spaces is common in bathrooms and kitchens. Rooms called “damp” in which the tiles facilitate the cleaning and insulation of the walls.

On the other hand, after its ubiquitous presence in the living areas of a large number of homes during the first half of the twentieth century, wallpaper is now reserved for specific walls but very rarely for a complete room or in damp spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

Moisture and wallpaper?

While it is true that a priori humidity and wallpaper do not seem good friends, today we have wallpapers specially prepared to resist without problems in humid environments and also, adhesives and fixatives that offer sufficient guarantees to dare to include them.

For a few years, different brands are launching collaborative collections by artists dedicated to renewing a genre that had been somewhat limited in terms of artistic value. Wallpaper has been seen as artistic support, beyond the use of repetitive patterns, resembling murals in the style of cheating.

The colorful bathroom of a Bed & Breakfast

In one of the projects we have been working on lately, a Bed & Breakfast near Barcelona, we have designed some bathrooms in which colorful wallpapers and colored tiles combine perfectly with the adobe tile floor.

In the virtual image, you can see different combinations that we have tested and presented to the client. Different reddish tones in the tiles, in combination with the floor in adobe as well as with different designs of wallpaper with floral patterns. Two of them with the background of broken white color, while in the third the black background confers greater contrast with the illustrations.

A commitment to make the bathroom a space with a striking aesthetic in contrast to the rooms that have a chromatic atmosphere oriented to rest with more neutral tones.

You will have to wait for the construction to finish to see which option was chosen.

In short, the combination of materials allows us to surprise in search of an aesthetic but also conceptual impact. The combination of certain materials, coatings such as tiles and wallpaper, is not obvious and that is why it is presented as a perfect option to surprise and innovate in aesthetic proposals, as well as in conjunction with textures.

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