Combination of models and colors of chairs for dining room

Choosing dining chairs is one of the most controversial and recurring decisions for any interior design project. The aesthetic impact of the set of dining table and chairs, their conjunction or contrast with the rest of the elements, their design, materials, colors or comfort are factors at play that acquire a more or less determining role, depending on the specific expectations of use and the interior trends of the moment.

In Coblonal Interior Design we have worked in different interior design projects where we had to carry out a combination of models and colors of chairs for dining room.

We propose 3 possible ways to try to find the ideal combination of models and colors of chairs for the dining room from the perspective of interior design and decoration.


The first one is the one we have most assumed and internalized, where the chairs and the table form a coherent whole in style, material and color. There are no stridencies, no contrasts, although the combinations are multiple. We can choose the classic among the classics with wooden table and chairs, but also wood or glass table with upholstered chairs, leather or fabric providing color and texture. Although the materials may vary, the set of chairs is the same model and color, and the same general style is maintained.

A unique apartment in the center of Barcelona


The second path we propose is that of measured contrast. For example, we can choose a classic wooden table model with moldings and complete it with the same model of Nordic style chairs looking for the contrast of both elements but maintaining a coherence in each of the parts. We can also do it with the color or the materials used. That is to say, it is about looking for the contrast maintaining at least a pattern of conjunction between the pieces, a recognizable conductive thread that vertebre the set.

Interiorismo y execution integral work house Montcada i Reixac

Interior design and execution of the Montcada i Reixac home

Total Contrast

Finally, we find the path of total contrast where it is not easy to find a common thread. Models, colors, styles and materials combine in a strange balance. Contrary to what you might think, finding a good combination is not easy, because not everything goes. There are no equal models, the contrast or the conjunction with a differentiated range of colors and materials is sought. Find the balance and draw a good choice is to treat the set as a patchwork . That is, we must move step by step, adding the whole piece by piece and assuming that it is difficult to preview the final set in a concrete way, although it must be clear what characteristics have a place.

 Interior design and production of the Acocsa Kitchen Showroom

Interior design and production of the Azul Acocsa Kitchens Showroom

It is worth mentioning how our perception, our view of the different tendencies of interior design, is constantly changing. What a while ago would have seemed horrible and not pertinent, today we find it fantastic and adequate. And on the contrary, what seems fantastic to us today may be unbearable tomorrow. The path of total contrast, we have assumed as viable thanks to its wide spread in the field of contract and especially in bars, coffee shops, hamburgers and restaurants of informal and casual. The next step was sung: move from the streets and premises to our homes.

In any commercial setting, everything is (or should be) thought of. In this way, we see how a circumstantial, almost accidental, effect is achieved, suggesting that the choice and arrangement of tables and chairs responds to a collection and reuse of different pieces within almost arbitrary reach when, otherwise, everything is perfectly thought out . We propose a starting point: la mesa </ em>. Define in advance the characteristics and materials of our dining table, will serve as a support around which to arrange a set of dining chairs in combination of models and colors.

Nowadays, we do not see it unreasonable to propose a dining room set with chairs of different models and colors for our home, although we assume that over time our perception of its relevance will change if it is not already doing so. The value lies in matching the right lines that will shape the next trends.

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