Colors and sensations in Interior design | An essential binomial

Project with the five senses

The interaction of spaces and people, far from being static, in Coblonal Interiorismo we understand as an organic and changing reaction according to factors such as activities, the moment of the day, and even seemingly insignificant elements such as color.

That’s right, color can become an organic actor that intervenes in emotions and spaces, creating a formula adapted to the needs of each project.

In this sense, when talking about color in architecture, we try not to reduce its use to the standard formula of color psychology. Instead, we try to find the right palette according to the space and what is more important: the people who will inhabit it.

The importance at the aesthetic and plastic level, to cool or heat, disperse or concentrate the light or even offer a symbolic function linked to the spiritual, emotional or psychological nuances … shape, zone and illuminate spaces, even enhance the interior design project. ..are just some of the possibilities offered by the choice and treatment of color in an interior design project. A color that offers subjective experiences that depends on several related factors: light, space/object, observer, and time.

“Each color combination produces its own music” -Pablo Picasso

In short, we understand that the chromatic choice forms a strategic decision in all architecture and interior design projects, for that reason, we share with you our vision through some of our projects, and so maybe you can inspire … we start?

Hegemony and chromatic autonomy in interior design

In Coblonal Interior Design Studio, if you follow us on a regular basis, you know that we always try, as far as possible, to escape from the standardized formulas and seek a certain autonomy.

In the last decade, the color paradigm has been dominated by neutral Scandinavian tones, but it is true that in recent years a trend that reconnected in some way with the art-deco of the period between wars has appeared with strength, where the color is the protagonist in proposals much riskier and disconnected of the organic and natural thing. With both tendencies, we feel comfortable in Coblonal Interiorismo, but in no case exhaust or limit the range of possibilities with which we can count.

Thus, the color palette is worked as an artisan: adjusting each tone to the image we visualize for the whole space, its objects, users, and their practices.

Pure & Neutral Canvas

The range of white in all its variants works as the basis par excellence. You can model your presence through different strategies. White can be the protagonist in walls, furniture, and other elements. On the other hand, white can work as a basis for contrast with other elements that seek to give a touch of color, either with organic materials such as wood or lacquered fabrics and more striking colors.

Depending on the material and the textures used, the color provides a different atmosphere and feeling, making it a formidable tool for interior designers to transform a space or adapt it to new uses. Who said that white is boring? Using white as a base, it can be made dynamic through furniture or decorative pieces. White and neutral colors in general provide a very interesting combination with organic and living materials such as wood.

The use of neutral tones is a safe bet to face the project, reserving the intensity for elements and details that stand out on the whole.

Take advantage of the color of the materials

Often, when thinking about color in the field of interior design, we think about the walls. But, as we have already noted throughout this entry, the colors of all the materials and elements come into play. Wood, brick, or stone are materials that can be found in covering pavements, walls, or furniture.

Also, the use of iconic pieces can change the essence of a room, in this case, blue hypnotizes and represents the central axis of attention.

Betting all for the intensity

In contrast to the peace of neutrality, we find the intensity of the monochrome use of red, because passion can also be part of a space.

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