Blender of tendencies for 2018

Trends play an ambivalent role from a professional perspective. From architecture, but above all in interior design and decoration, year after year lists of proposals that are or will be trends appear. This blender of tendencies has a relative incidence, both in the tastes of our clients, and in the definition of our own style. Our clients may or may not feel identified with the circumstantial trends of the moment, but what their vast majority does want is a housing that lasts over time, both functionally and stylistically. For our part, that of professionals in architecture, interior design or decoration, we try to build and defend a style that represents us, is desirable for our type of ideal client and, if we eventually adopt or are able to set trends, better than better.

In any case, trends end up being common places in a field marked by uniqueness and, therefore, we must consider them as distant references that serve as inspiration and connection with the moment, without renouncing to define a style of their own. In the Coblonal Interior Design studio we do not have, nor do we want, the same recipe to apply to all projects and we are relatively permeable to current trends. In spite of defending our own style, built along our trajectory, we understand it as something alive that adapts to each client, according to their tastes and preferences. At the same time, we incorporate those aspects of the trend with which we feel identified and we believe that they can collaborate in the success of the project.

That is why we try to keep abreast of the main trends that the media in the sector identify and advocate. And more importantly, we are attentive to the work of our colleagues at the international level to try to identify and incorporate aspects and trends that we consider relevant.

We must say that we feel comfortable with many of the aspects that are setting trends today. The minimalist Scandinavian style serves as a base to be completed by adding elements that offer some contrast and color . The use of natural wood , metal and white shades or neutral on walls, together with the incorporation of designer pieces with a certain air retro , although tremendously modern, are a good example of trend elements that we can see reflected in our most recent projects.

Interior design and housing reform in Sant Cugat


Interiorism and integral reform floor in Andorra

decoración comedor moderno Sant Just 2

Triplex interior design in Sant Just


On the other hand, it is in trend with the wabi-sabi movement, something that we have claimed in many of our projects: the beauty of imperfection . The wood, but also the waters of the iron sheet or the pieces of the pavement, old moldings , wallpaper , seen billets or reused materials collaborate to this trend and we can find them in some of our projects that contrast visually with those previously mentioned, even though they are all recognizable and different edges of the style of Coblonal Interior Design .

Integral reform and duplex interior design in l ‘ Eixample

coblonal interiorismo sofá verde cuadros ladrillo

Modern and industrial interior design in Gracia

decoracion con sofás de palés para jardin hotel Can Casi 3

Interior design and decoration Hotel in Baix Empordà


Finally, from an architectural perspective, we share a growing obsession to take better advantage of natural lighting of spaces, whether residential or professional. The exponential increase of the possibilities in the artificial lighting have made us forget resources of the historical architecture to take advantage of in a better way the possibilities of the natural light. Whenever we have the possibility, we propose the construction of volumes and interior distribution more and more open contemplating an optimized flow of natural light.


Interior design and housing reform in Sant Cugat

cabecero de madera para dormitorio

Interiorism and integral reform floor in Andorra

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