Beyond the functionality of the bathrooms: a place to take care of yourself

The privacy, comfort, luxury and extreme health conditions that we associate with bathrooms today are the result of thousands of years of civil engineering and social changes.

The bathroom understood as a room dedicated to personal care began to be forged after the first and second world war. After this period of war, the glamour of Hollywood films and the rise of the middle class demanded certain luxuries in the bathroom. In the same way that the kitchen was, the bathroom became a source of pride.

In spite of maintaining the existence of the dressing table to fix the hair, makeup or other care in the bedroom, the bathroom gained ground in these practices as an ideal space to shave, for example. It also became the essential stay to relax and take care of the body.

The emergence of a growing consumer society and its aspirational side in the 50s, together with the construction boom in the United States, began to change the use of the bathroom and led to a space of well-being. It was at this time that separate bathrooms for parents and children started to be used.

Interior decoration project casa decor 2012 barcelona

In Coblonal Interior Design we have worked on different bathroom reform projects and in all of these we have tried to anticipate and be able to generate spaces for new practices related to the search for personal care, above being just a place where basic physiological needs can be met.

From the interior design projects that we have done, we show you the elements that turn a functional bathroom into a wellness space.

Elements to turn the bathroom into a personal care space

Why not turn a bathroom into a spa at home? Like most spa services, your sink offers a private space where you can take a relaxing shower or a hot bath to relieve stress.
Everything your bathroom needs are some more elements to evoke the Spa-like atmosphere. Below, we show you what you should have to improve the wellness experience of your bathroom.

Use paint with earth colors

Use colors inspired by nature such as brown, gray and green. They can give your sink a feeling of connection with organic matter and a relaxing effect. In addition, in the small bathrooms, beige, light gray and pale green can give a relaxing feeling, as well as spaciousness.

Interior design and execution of the Montcada i Reixac home

Install bathroom lights with attenuation

If you want to take a relaxing bath before going to bed, consider installing lights with controls to dim the light. Thanks to this functionality that now incorporate many lights, you can soften the lighting and get a spa feeling when you need a moment of relaxation in the bathroom.

interior design bathtub Casa Decor 2011

Interior Design Project Casa Decor 2011 Barcelona

Place wooden elements

Current technology allows you to enjoy floors and wooden elements in a relaxing bath space. Although logic does not recommend mixing moisture and wood, if your budget reaches you can opt for specific woods for wet spaces. An alternative is ceramic tiles that imitate wood as an excellent solution to give your bathroom a relaxing character.

interior design with bathroom furniture and dressing room Sant Just

Decoration and interior design in Sant Just

Install a specific shower head for massage

A shower head for massage does not take up any additional space in the bathroom and, instead, it will offer you a relaxing shower every morning when you start your day or when you finish it at the end of the day. A Spa-like shower will satisfy your relaxation needs.

shower and bathroom bathtub Home Decor 2007

Project of Interior Design Casa Decor 2007 Barcelona

Incorporates a towel warmer

Nobody likes to wrap themselves in cold towels, especially during the winter. To retain the heat in your body there is no better way to do it than with comfortable and hot towels after a long session of hot water. It also helps maintain a warm environment in the bathroom in the cold months.

Interiorismo Apartamento moderno e industrial in Gracia

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