Bathroom accessories to complete the scene

The bathroom is a stay increasingly characterized by rest, intimacy and relaxation. It is a space that should transmit tranquility and well-being, so that an optimal choice of bathroom accessories will achieve a last quality of the room.

The most commonly used materials in the bathrooms are wood, glass, natural stone or porcelain, which, combined, give the bathroom a organic and modern style . In this sense, bathroom accessories should be integrated in the are also governed by those standards. In addition to its functionality, these should bring elegance and efficiency to the room.

Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the type of accessory, material and tonality that will contribute to the stay. The only fundamental recommendation that we are going to give you is to choose what is indispensable, avoiding all that is unnecessary and that helps to generate a sense of disorder in a space where storage is key to maintaining an image of spaciousness, order and cleanliness.

 Design and interior design for the bathroom of the presidential suite at the Fairmont Juan Carlos I hotel

Accessories of all kinds

Although it seems that everything is summarized in the toilet roll, towel rails and brushes, we can add to our list other elements that we can characterize to give a coherent and delicate image. Among them we can count the soap dishes, the soaps themselves, the handles of the furniture, the model of taps, storage baskets and baskets, the dental cleaning kit, even some piece of decoration or the domotic integration of lights. So the range of elements with which we can play and also use in the organization of the bathroom is significant.

Presence of natural elements

Although natural stone or porcelain tiles with appearance are common, wood continues to be the material that gives a natural aspect to any environment. In spite of this, in a bath a controversial material always results due to its resistance limited to the conditions of humidity and thermal variation. That is why the choice of wood as the base material for some of the accessories represents a good option to give an organic look to the bathroom.

In addition, the use of natural and organic materials invites us to maintain a responsible and sustainable use of the resources of the estancia. There is a wide variety of bathroom accessories made of wood, bamboo or ecological fabrics that can facilitate that option. The aesthetic impact should always be linked to the promotion of responsible use of water, heating and electricity, as well as a correct treatment of the waste generated, such as sanitary towels.

To help this task and also help to set an organic style, we can include litter bins, boxes and wicker baskets, wood or rigid fabrics to maintain order in the room. These elements of more traditional materials have been able to find their space in all kinds of spaces due to their infinite possibilities of organization and storage.

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Evoking contrasts

The possibility of playing with different materials in the bathrooms, makes their accessories can be the protagonists of the stay. A stool, a vase or a rug with a texture or color that contrasts with the rest of the bathroom will attract all eyes.

That contrast is not only found in the chromatic variation of cold and warm, or black and white. The choice of single-color bathroom accessories is already capable of giving that effect. In a risky way, the golden touch , for example, can rekindle the art deco style in a bathroom through the taps, closet handles or lamps. If we can not choose matte black as a basic that usually fits in all environments, in this way we escape from chrome or matt stainless steel, highly predictable materials.

And what about geometric shapes? The breaker shapes and textures in bathroom accessories can be an alternative to the material to give another perspective to the stay. Typical examples of this contrast can be found in lighting elements or mirrors with shapes that break the rule of the straight line. Therefore, you begin to choose to place mirrors round or bordered. Apart from the papos, as a majority option, we find more and more decorative and non-technical lighting in the bathrooms.

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Innovation in bathrooms

The incorporation of new technologies or functions smart has also reached this type of stays. It can be found either with suspended televisions, bluetooth speakers and showers or light regulators to create ambience.

This opens a new dimension to the bathroom as a space where you can relax and enjoy yourself while taking care of yourself and becoming an experience. It reconnects us with our classic concept of the living room. The screens are no longer the heritage of the living room or the study and are increasingly common in bathrooms and kitchens, whether for entertainment or management of lighting, temperature, music or other.

Although we speak of bathroom accessories, a good strategy in their choice places them as indispensable elements in the final definition of the style, as well as functional efficiency in an integral conception of the bathroom as a space that escapes from the strict hygienic and physiological functionality towards a space for self care.

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