Awesome house among pine forests

Awesome house among pine forests

One of our clients decides to build a new construction house next to the sea, near Barcelona. They have a construction company for the volume of new construction and Coblonal for the interior design project. That is the distribution of the spaces, the definition of finishes, as well as the furniture and the rest of the elements. The result of this collaboration is a spectacular avant-garde house where light flows from all sides since the exterior and interior of the house are continuously intertwined.

With such conditions, our work focused mainly on the definition of the interior volumes, whether of work or furniture, as well as constructive solutions for the best fit of the different coatings and finishes.

The routes of this house offer us an open and interconnected space, but at the same time, these spaces are distributed and differentiated, offering spaces dedicated to each of the daily practices of the family that inhabits it. Eating together, enjoying a movie, a bath, or reading a book.

The house has 4 bedrooms, a study, different terraces, a large living room, a kitchen with a central island, a gym, an indoor and an outdoor pool, as well as a spectacular garden with a dining area and a pond.

Continuous interaction with the outside

The white on the walls contrasts with two types of flooring, a microcement finish on the ground floor and terraces and natural oak parquet on the upper floor, study, and bedrooms. In the exterior volume, the white marmorino contrasts with the pinewood of the slats that filter the exterior light and the black of the iron of the structures of the closures.

Among the different spaces of this spectacular home, the living room stands out. This has a double-height chaired by a wood-clad module that houses the television and storage in height. The façade that overlooks the pool is fully glazed offering an absolute exterior feeling, but with the comforts of the interior. The orientation of the property, the façade’s own visors, and different movable slats on the upper floor reduce the incidence of sunlight. The opposite façade has a longitudinal opening that provides natural light to the house during all hours of the day.

The master bedroom overlooks the living room from a kind of glazed balcony under which we find a large dining table capable of accommodating 10 people. Next, after a glass closure with a sliding wing, there is a large kitchen with a central island where white is once again the protagonist. Its generous dimensions and openness to the outside make it an ideal space to cook or check the press while enjoying a snack.

The access stairs to the different floors also deserve special mention. These are made up of a bent and lacquered iron sheet step with glazed panels at the bottom and top and hanging lamps at different heights that give verticality and lighting in an original way, as well as a perception of the whole between the different floors.

The floor that houses the bedrooms and bathrooms is built as open-plan floors where the furniture designed by Coblonal distributes the space and at the same time offers storage so that the appearance of an open and clean space predominates.

The main bedroom has a large longitudinal chest of drawers under the opening to the living room and two steps behind the partition in the headboard. One to a small dressing room and another to the main bathroom. Like the living room, the bedroom opens to the outside on the interior facade of the building. Through the glass, we have access to a delicious terrace overlooking the pool to say good morning or good night to humanity.

The main bathroom has a freestanding bathtub and shower area open to the outside, although privacy is not compromised, thanks to the longitudinal slats in the glass that offer privacy without counteracting the feeling of exteriority. The bathroom is conceived as a small home spa where you can relax after a hard day at work or get ready in comfort before going out for a meeting.

On the top floor of this house, there is a study that opens onto a large terrace. An ideal space to come up with new projects, enjoy a quiet reading, or play the guitar.

In the basement, we find a longitudinal pool and a gym, as well as a large parking lot.

The exterior has a large swimming pool and generous vegetation. It has two dining areas. One under a wing of the volume of the house that is suspended on a pillar, and another under a table in front of it, being able to function as complementary pieces when they are invited to eat in good weather.

Altogether it is a high standing house that enjoys the sea breeze, scented with the pines that separate the house from the sea. One of the most ambitious and spectacular projects we have worked on so far.

Photos by Sandra Rojo.

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