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Our project team is formed by senior architects trained as interior designers, offering a profile both technical and creative in the distribution of spaces, in their executive definition, as well as in the design and/or choice of materials, furniture, textiles, art and décor elements.

Concept & Preliminary Project

As architects, we understand the concept and distribution of space as the fundamental moments of every architecture and interior design project. According to the characteristics of the property and the client’s briefing, we devise different proposals for the distribution of space and discuss them with the client until we reach the ideal option in what we call the preliminary project.

Basic and Executive Project

We also take care of developing the basic project and processing of licenses and work permits, as well as the definition of the executive project. All constructive details of the project (demolition, new construction, facilities, carpentry, …) are specified for a precise budget quotation and its construction.

One of the advantages of taking care of both the project and its construction is that both teams collaborate from the beginning reducing unforeseen events and reinforcing the technical value of our projects. For the convenience of the client, we can also deal only with the project and assume the Optional Management of the work in the construction process.

Style line and Decoration

Parallel to the development of the executive project and in continuous exchange with the client, we are in charge of defining a set of aspects that we group in what we call the style line and that we present to our clients through mood boards with real samples and other graphic resources.

It is a part of the concrete materials that will form the “skin” of the spaces: cladding, faucets, fixed lighting, carpentry and enclosures.

On the other hand, all those elements of furniture of own design or brands, decorative lighting, textiles, artistic pieces and décor elements that dress the space to the last detail.

Together our services in the project phase are articulated around architecture and interior design in a global conception that seeks to offer our clients the possibility of keeping in the same hands the whole process of renovating their home or corporate or commercial facilities.

For more information about our way of working we recommend you read the following post of our blog:

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