Advantages of having glass walls in your home

The glass is the most translucent material there is, one of those that denotes more modernity and very used in the works of today. It is clean and favors the entry of the sun’s rays inside, increasing the luminosity of the rooms of the home and at the same time serves to isolate or parcel out the space.

In Coblonal Interior Design Studio , we have worked in different projects of interior design and in many we have used the resource of incorporating walls or glass partitions to increase the luminosity.

From the accumulated experience in this area, we show you below the most important features and the most outstanding benefits that brings to a house the fact of having glass walls.

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The characteristics of glass walls

Glass is a material that, lately, is being imposed a lot in offices and homes that want to convey a more modern feel. Below, you can read the main features:

The glass that is used, nowadays, in the constructions is not in any case fragile. It receives the name of safety glass and is treated so that it is resistant and does not break at the slightest nor cut any member of the household.

The safety glass walls that are currently used acoustically insulate the rooms that separate.

In addition, they filter almost all UVA rays so that they do not negatively impact the furniture of the home.

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The most outstanding benefits of glass walls

  • Luminosity. It is one of the most outstanding advantages offered by glass walls in a home. They are a key resource to improve the entry of sunlight into the home.
  • Amplitude. A glass wall gives a greater sense of space than an opaque wall. Every small room with glass walls seems to be bigger.
  • Subtle separation of spaces. The glass walls are a good option to separate two rooms and allow natural light into the two rooms. It is an elegant resource for dividing two spaces in a home.
  • Play between different styles. The glass walls between rooms allow you to combine different styles between rooms that together offer a good harmony.
  • Transmits a sense of modernity. Glass is one of the most modern materials that exist today. Use this to install it in your home, communicate sophistication and inspire contemporaneity.

“They are a key resource to improve the entry of sunlight into the home”

  • Visual continuity. The glass walls do not fragment the decorative harmony of the home, but allow to appreciate it as a whole to conceive the floor or the house as a whole and not as a set of individual spaces .
  • Provides the perfect balance between intimacy and luminosity. The less transparent glass walls are a good resource to give a fair touch of intimacy to small homes allowing light to enter between different spaces of them.
  • Isolate rooms from the rest of the home. Glass walls can be used to include an interior step in a bedroom and trace the separation with the bathroom suite.

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  • Entry of light in rooms without windows. In bathrooms that do not have external light, it is a good strategy to finish the upper part of some of the walls with glass. In this way, natural light from the exterior is transferred to the interior of the bathroom. It is necessary to take into account its orientation to make the most of the light, as well as the level of privacy required.
  • Building a greenhouse. Plants give life to a home and, without doubt, are the best way to provide a natural and vital feeling to any home or space. In this sense, the use of glass in our enclosures and internal dividing walls gives us the possibility of enabling an indoor area, in the style of an interior gallery where you can enjoy the interior vegetation in all its splendor.

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