A very complete terrace

A very complete terrace

An estate of neighbors agrees to share the surface of the roof so that everyone can enjoy a terrace in private. This is where we enter and transform this space into a very complete “L” shaped terrace where you can cool off, sunbathe, or enjoy dinners or lunches all year round.

An outdoor seating area

Through a metal door, we enter into a terrace that enjoys a seating area where you can have a chat while sipping vermouth under a pergola with a metal structure and a thatched roof inspired in the style of the huts of the Mediterranean fishermen. Different green shutters from Alicante that hang from the metal structure further protect this area from the sun and give it privacy. Different flower pots give color to the enclosure that delimits the terrace.

An area where you can sunbathe and cool off

On the other side, we find the sunbathing area, where a wheeled bench offers both storage and a padded surface for sunbathing. A bucket of water with an automated tap hanging from the structure gives us the opportunity to cool off just by pulling on a rope. Don’t panic, all the water doesn’t have to fall at once. We can graduate the fall of the water by pulling on the rope, or we can opt for the contrast of a bucket of very fresh water by pulling it suddenly. An invention that we had already installed in some other project and offers a refreshing and different experience to the guests.

An outdoor dining area

At the opposite end of the living room, there is the dining area and kitchenette. A large table with wheels, designed and produced, especially for this space gives us the possibility of turning this terrace into the ideal setting for any celebration or meeting where friends and family could be invited to a dinner or lunch. Thanks to a sliding awning we can enjoy it all year round both day and night.

The kitchenette is perfectly equipped with a small fridge, sink, and storage so you don’t have to constantly go downstairs to look for a soda or something to snack on. There is enough work surface to be able to prepare the snack or even connect an electric stove to heat or cook lunch or dinner.

The roof: a space to recover

Not so many years ago, the community roofs were crowded spaces of relation with the neighborhood in times of good weather, the preferred setting for the night of St. John, for instance. Today, in most cases, if we have access to it, the community roofs do not go beyond a place to go sporadically to spread the sheets.

In most cases, the neighbors have stopped being part of our close relationship circles to move to the simple cordiality of good morning or good night when we cross the stairs. And, if we are owners, stomach aches, and daily politics of Community meetings.

In these times, when our home has become an unexpected refuge and place of confinement, community roofs are destined to be adapted to the new circumstances in which to enjoy the outdoors and leisure time with the most intimate.

In short, this terrace works almost like a second home where you can relax and unwind without moving from the building.

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