A vertical garden

“Need sharpens ingenuity.” This phrase becomes a reality in those small flats. In these cases, an interior vertical garden is an excellent option to take advantage of the wall and bring freshness to the home.

There are different options to decorate your home with plants. Using indoor hanging plants is a good idea. We can also mount a shelf or structure where you can place planters or pots.

The advantages of a vertical garden

Having a garden inside your home is a luxury. The Romans already knew it when they designed their houses with an impressive garden in the middle. And it brings many benefits. Therefore, even if you have a small apartment, or have a large surface, the option of verticality should always be a resource to consider when designing a garden inside your home.

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These are the main advantages:

  • The height helps to size the space. Placing the plants in height gives us greater depth to the space. If we also place them hanging along the same space, the three-dimensional effect will give it a very special jungle air.
  • For all spaces. If we do not have a wall to place the vertical garden, we have a roof from which to hang different plants. In any case they will bring life to the home. If it is not very complicated to find a space for installation, in addition, just watering it once a week will be enough to keep it green, which we can also automate.  
  • Purify the environment. It is the classic benefit that our mothers have always told us. Plants eat CO2 from the environment and transform it into oxygen. Some plants are even able to retain dangerous chemical elements. Also, if you have a wall large enough, you can use the vegetation to cool the air with the vegetable air conditioner.  
  • It brings beauty to the environment and relaxation. Although concrete and asphalt have been our usual scenario in recent decades, nature remains our primary environment. The inclusion of vegetation in our environments, regardless of the aesthetic impact, is a primary balm for our well-being.
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How to make a vertical garden?

In the following lines we suggest a few recommendations that will help you design a garden suitable for houses and spaces of all sizes. Discover the best ideas for gardens!

  • Place a metal or wooden structure. Hang a metal fence to hang the plants or a wooden structure. You can also take advantage of the doors of a closet that you no longer use to varnish them and give them a second life as a pot holder. With the wooden support, you will bring a more natural look to the structure.
  • Use different types of plants. The choice of the species that you will place in the vertical garden is key to its success. Try to incorporate a lot of variety into space. If you don’t know what species might fit in the place, ask an expert for advice.
  • Combine the plants with another element. The element that best combines with a plant is water. Try installing a fountain with water in your inner wall garden and you will see the result.
  • If there is no variety, let the plant be dense. If there is little space to have a lot of variety of plants, then surely what suits your space is a unique but leafy species. In these cases, the density beats the variety.
  • Organize the pots looking for balance. Taking advantage of the space with a vertical garden does not mean placing plants on the walls to the tuntun. Look for the visual balance between the different pots so that when contemplating the space a certain order is visualized.

These are the basic ideas you need to start designing a vertical garden for the interior of your home.

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