A sustainable home How does aerothermal work?

The consumption of light does not stop increasing in Spain and that is why the Spanish choose to install in their homes, more frequently, sustainable energy solutions that allow them to use the same energy or even More for less money. Solutions like aerothermia.

And, in this context, aerothermal energy is one of the energy efficient technologies that are increasingly found in more homes.

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What is aerothermia?

Aerothermal energy refers to a technology that is responsible for harnessing the energy found in the air in the form of heat to heat the home, by heating or cooling or making the water system possible hot.

According to Toshiba, one of the leading companies that drives this technology through its devices, aerothermal energy is responsible for extracting up to 77% of the energy from the air for free.

It would be like an advanced heat pump that is designed and designed specifically to provide cooling in summer, heating in winter, and hot water throughout the year.

How does aerothermal work?

Once it is clear to you that aerothermal energy is the use of air to generate air conditioning, heating or hot water, let’s see how it works.

The operation of aerothermal air conditioning

The air conditioner for air conditioning is based on two main components: evaporator (located inside the house) and the outdoor unit (includes compressor and condenser).

Both elements are linked by a circuit with refrigerant and the key to its operation is in the changes of temperature and the state of the refrigerant.

Through the changes of state of the heat-cold or gas-liquid refrigerant, the air conditioner transfers fresh air to the room and hot air to the outside.

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Operation in aerothermal heating systems

The cycle is reversed within the same system through a four-way valve.

Then in this new cycle the heat pump transfers fresh air to the outside and hot air to the room.

Aerothermal operation for hot water

In addition, the aerothermal system includes the air-water aerothermal heat pump , capable of generating hot water for the radiant floor, for low temperature radiators and for domestic use of Sanitary Hot Water (ACS) .

Aerothermal energy is a highly demanded technology, today, due to its high energy efficiency .

Aerothermal energy efficiency

This home air conditioning technology has good levels of energy efficiency. The efficiency of heat pumps is calculated with the COP coefficient of performance . This coefficient is calculated by comparing the heat output of the condenser with the power supplied by the compressor.

That is, the ratio between the power in kW that comes out of the heat pump as cooling or heat and the power also measured in kW that is supplied to the compressor.

With aerothermal conditions in certain weather conditions, COP performance above 400% can be obtained . This means that for an investment of 1kWh you get 4kWh. Very efficient data.

However, the COP of aerothermal equipment varies depending on the outside temperature. The higher the outside temperature, the performance increases. And is that the aerothermal heat pumps are designed and developed to obtain maximum performance in severe weather conditions , whether winter or summer.

Aerothermal is an advanced technology that integrates heating, air conditioning and hot water.

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