A new opportunity for empty spaces

How to take advantage of empty spaces in different rooms of a home

From our experience, we believe that one of the objectives of interior design is based on observing spaces from a new perspective, the objective? Serve the changing functions provided by the space and find aesthetic forms that adapt to the essence and vital rhythm of its inhabitants.

In this sense, the treatment of empty spaces is an interesting question, since far from being dead and static dimensions, they can acquire a different meaning thanks to the new look of interior design.

What elements can help to take advantage of these spaces? What are the dimensions of the concept ‘take advantage? These are just some of the questions that we try to answer in our study in each project . Therefore, today’s post we raise this issue, to find new perspectives and strengthen solutions in the exciting world of interior design … do we start?

Empty spaces, a free wildcard

When adapting a home to the needs of the people who inhabit it, there are rooms whose uses and needs are more or less common, while there is a margin for the free interpretation – and therefore adaptation – of some elements and spaces .

In this sense, we have found in the empty spaces a good joker either to facilitate new uses, provide extra storage or use the vacuum as an aesthetic opportunity.

So, when it comes to taking advantage, the following dimensions may exist to reinvent these spaces:

  • Aesthetics
  • Functional: Utilitarian-storage-new uses thanks to the open conception of spaces
  • Symbiosis and integration, either visual or utilitarian.

From areas of passage, free spaces such as walls, these dimensions can be combined to find new conceptions, resulting in a higher level of personalization and adaptation. Rethink to adapt and not take anything for granted. That can be the key.

Leveraging does not mean filling spaces or overloading with elements, vacuum can be used to serve other functions

What are the empty spaces?

A question whose answer will depend on each stay in project, and is that, with the new conception where the rooms flow and integrate new dimensions of use: the possibilities of empty spaces can be multiple.

Even though, when opening the spaces, there will be more passage areas or places of transition that can leave behind this label and provide new conceptions.

What are the empty spaces and how to take advantage of them?

As we said, everything depends on each project, although next we propose some of the solutions that we have been finding based on experimentation and trial and error in our projects.

Extra shelves

The outgoing work in any room, can be a great storage space, or as a support to place a picture without hanging.

A space that can also serve the lighting function as the next one plowed up!


Balcony, a new outdoor opportunity

In places where the climate does not accompany throughout the year, the enclosure of the terrace or balcony can give an extra life to spaces that, otherwise, would not be used.

The stairs, a wild space

The stairs are places of transition, and can be enhanced in the aesthetic sense or add storage space.


Passage points and multifunctional boxes

The spaces of passage, as the corridors or the transition between spaces can be exploited by means of customized solutions, in Coblonal we have created a proposal that consists of the functional furniture , which serves as a space separator and storage solution.


Storage corners

Any space can be susceptible to storage, either the back of a reading corner or sofa, or a wall where a work shelf is integrated.


Essential elements in an empty place

In this case, an empty space between the bedroom and the bathroom can be equipped with a washbasin. Thus, a neutral zone becomes an active part of the home.

In short, the rethinking of empty spaces in all their dimensions can result in a new solution for needs and uses that had not even been raised. Thus, the new look of interior design brings added value: the surprise effect, which always translates into new ways of living.

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